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Privacy Policy

Welcome! Thank you for reviewing the privacy policy of our electric children's bicycle application. This policy explains what kind of data our application collects, how it is used, and stored. Please read this policy carefully.

Collected Data and Usage:

Our application collects user riding statistics and necessary data for product wear analysis. This data includes the power generated by the bicycle pedal, usage duration of the product, and power sent to the motors. However, no personal or sensitive data is collected. The data is stored with reference to the product's serial number.


Data Storage and Deletion Policy:

The collected data is securely stored in a cloud database. This data will be retained for a period of 5 years, associated with the product's serial number, and will be permanently deleted afterward.

Security and Privacy:

User data is protected with modern security measures, utilizing SSL encryption and other security protocols to ensure data security.

Google Play Services:

Our application may integrate with Google Play Services. In such cases, you may also be subject to Google's privacy policy. For details regarding Google Play Services, please visit [Google Privacy Policy](

Changes and Updates:

This privacy policy may be updated over time. Any changes to the policy will be announced on our website and within the application. Please periodically check for updates.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at []

By using this application, you accept this privacy policy.

Thank you.

[Genoride Elektrikli Araçlar A.Ş.]

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