Geno combines the kid’s own pedalling and battery power. That’s what we call generative cycle technology. Geno is smart. It finds the ideal balance for the battery support. Now children can also enjoy the comfort of electric assisted pedalling.

Mechanical Properties

  • Attractive sportive design
  • Adjustable pedal resistance
  • Smart electric assistance
  • Adjustable maximum speed
  • Motor drive on 2 wheels (4×4 model will come later)
  • Smooth drive with front and rear shock absorbers (3 independent suspensions)
  • Adjustable seat
  • High traction, durable and soft 11” TPE tires
  • Riding uphill is no problem anymore

Energy Management

Geno is equipped with:

  • 120W 14,4V Li-ion battery. It is lightweight and long lasting 
  • 3 motors
  • an electronic card designed by Genoride team

Driving forward or backwards is triggered when the kid starts pedalling. The transmission of power is solely electric. We don’t have gears, chains, belts or pulleys. 

Breaking is made by pushing buttons on the handlebar. It’s suitable for kids, because a hard break doesn’t require great power.

For Investors

Market Ready R&D

Genoride is currently only a prototype. Gökhan developed 9 different prototypes so far in the last 4 years. The prototype nr 10 will be the final which will go to serial production.

The project is seeking early investors. 


Our Mission

DAO Controlled Investion

Genoride will use  a revolutionary model. A total of 5500 NFTs will be sold to early investors. Each NFT will get the right for one vote. The initial investment will be transferred to a wallet, where the DAO will have control. The project milestones will be announced and the DAO will vote. The funds for the next milestone will be released only if the DAO approves the completion of the current milestone.