Frequently Asked Questions?

Geno is not in the market yet. We have a working prototype which we are still improving. Our company is currently in the seed funding phase.

If you want to participate in Genoride’s crowdfunding and be a shareholder, please click here.

We plan to produce only 1000 units until the summer of 2023. If you want to buy a Geno from the first batch you can send us a message here. Geno will be more widely available in the market in 2024.

Our customers will receive Geno’s parts in a box. We prefer to ship it this way because we want to save transportation costs. That will be a 30 minutes setup for a parent. We will provide of course a setup manual with pictures.

Genoride app will be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. The app connects to Geno via Bluetooth 5.0. The parents can create a profile for each kid riding Geno. They can follow up usage statistics for their kids. There will be also important features such as remote stop and stay-by-me Electronic adjustments, such as the pedal resistance can be done on Geno’s front panel and also in the app. Moreover, when we have an update on Geno, parents can upload the update to Gino using the app.

Absolutely not. We use the same Li-on battery as e-bikes made for adults. It should be fine for several years.

Geno’s current prototype is IP65. This means it has protection against dust and water. It can stay under the rain without any problems. The serial prototype will be even better, with a protection class of IP68. This means it is resistant also against water jet.